Inflatables are funny and kids love to play with them, so what are some safety guidelines need to attention when using the inflatables?

Pls follow these rules to avoid serious injury.

1. Disabled persons, pregnant women, small babies and others who are prone to injury from falling, bumping or bouncing are not allowed to enter the bounce house.

2. The inflatable must be operated by the adult.

3. Keep children away from the air blower when using.

4. The device will always be fixed on the ground with wooden stakes or stakes, and must not be taken away when playing.

5. Due to the large difference in weight and height, children cannot play with adults together.

6. The bounce house must be fully inflated before any children enter it.

7. Children playing in the inflatable needs adult supervision throughout the process.

8. Do not wrestle, run, push or climb the castle walls.

9. Before entering the castle, please take off your shoes, glasses, jewelry or any sharp objects are forbidden to bring into the inflatable to avoid scratching the inflatable.

10. Please make sure all children are out of the bouncy castle before deflation.

11. The age and weight of all children playing on the inflatable should be consistent, and should not exceed the number of people that the castle can accommodate.

12. Keep the castle at a safe distance from fire, water, walls or other obstacles.

13. Food, drinks, chewing gum, pets, drinks, toys or ropes are not allowed in the inflatable.

14. If the air blower fails, please evacuate the children immediately and leave quickly.

15. Please keep children away from others and side positions when playing. No climbing walls!

16. Please enter from the entrance and exit from the exit, please do not enter in the opposite way!

Play safe and enjoy!

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