Children are prohibited from jumping into the bounce house with their shoes on. However, they should wear socks. Socks on it can help children prevent slipping.

Do not let your child wear socks with smooth bottoms. This may cause the injury.

We require all users to wear socks for a number of reasons; as they are more hygienic than bare foot, socks also help prolong the life of the inflatable device.

A general use safety policy for all bounce houses is that no shoes are allowed while bouncing. Users should remove all shoes before entering the bounce house and leave them at the exit. The user puts on leave when they have finished bouncing.

Because whether it’s sneakers, sandals, boots, high heels, etc. They all have some kinds of hard rubber or something like a sharp heel. While it allows the wearer to keep a firm grip on the ground while walking or running, they are sharp enough to scratch the fabric of a bounce house. Since bounce house users will be moving around almost constantly, most likely jumping or crawling, it is only a matter of time before the materials with the shoes causes significant damage to the inflatables.

Shoes are not allowed while bouncing, but it is still recommended that you wear a pair of clean socks on your feet while in the bouncing area. The socks do not contain potentially harmful rubber material and do not pose a risk to the quality of the bounce house. Your socks will be able to withstand almost constant bouncing on the moonwalk. Wearing socks while bouncing may also add a layer of protection to your feet. If you trip while using the bounce house, or have an accidental collision, your risk of foot injury is much lower than if you were barefoot.

Is it okay to go barefeet when you play on a bounce house? But it is still generally considered polite and respectful to wear the socks while bouncing. All users also have a potential problem with smelly feet. If all of your guests bounce barefoot, your bounce house may start to stink before you know it. If your guests, friends, and the family wear socks while bouncing, you can significantly reduce the problem.

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