Have you ever thought about having an amazing inflatable bar party in your backyard? It can be placed anywhere in your yard. Friends can hop into the inflatable bar, have a drink together, hang out, play games, or sit at the bar for a delicious meal. The bar will keep you away from the hot sun, rain or wind.

You can fill the inflatable bar with furniture, sofa, tables and chairs, and whatever else you want to decorate it.

You may consider buying one pub if you need to use it multiple times. Our factory prices for inflatable bars range from $1,060 for the small size to as much as $3,010 for the bigger one.

Inflatable bars range in size from a minimum design of 12 feet long to a maximum design of 33 feet long. The smallest inflatable bar can hold about 25-30 people. The large bar can hold about 50 people.

The style, color, etc. of the inflatable bar can be customized. And you can also give your bar some interesting names like “The Pub”, “The Bar” or “The outback pub” “Air of the dog”and more.

The large bar even has an inflatable fireplace for extra comfort in the cold weather.

Inflatable bars are perfect for backyard gatherings, parties, festivals, events, carnivals, restaurants and more. And it may inflated for 5-10 minutes with air blowers, very fast and conveniently.

Check out one of our inflatable bars in the video below.

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