Inflatable wedding tent, as the name said, is an inflatable tent or tent that is continuously inflated with a blower. Inflatable wedding tents are generally larger and can accommodate dozens of guests, including the groom and bride. In most countries, weddings are usually use pure white color tent.

The giant inflatable outdoor wedding tent on the lawn is perfect for weddings. Arrange and decorate them with flowers, ribbons, balloons, lamps, tables and chairs, and delicious food.,etc. And you’ll be guaranteed a successful and unforgettable wedding.

Our white wedding tent size is 10m(L)x8m(W)x4m(H)/33ft(L)x26ft(W)x13ft(H). The price is $1710. Our tent owns great quality and excellent price!

East Inflatables is a professional manufacturer of large inflatable wedding tents in China. Buy cheap custom wedding tents from us that will save you a ton of budget. We have many kinds of tents for you choose from:

White wedding tent is perfect for weddings, parties and events. It can be used day and night. The LED lights at night are colorful and beautiful. The windows can be opened or closed according to your needs. It takes about 10 minutes to blow up, it is simple and fast. And it takes up a small area to store.

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