Inflatable slides and slides are exactly what you see in the pictures. It has 2 slides to slide on.

This inflatable slip and slide is 39 feet long, giving your kids plenty of room to slide and play on hot summer days. As you slide down the slide, you may put some hoses on both sides of the slip and slide to keep you cool and immerse you in a watery, super fun world of water. End of the pool may also play with water.

This slide and slide is specially designed for family backyard home use, it is a bit simpler in shape than a water slide, and it is more convenient to blow. We also made of this with 100% PVC, it’s stronger than cheap nylon inflatables, this inflatable has multiple layers of vinyl with double and quad stitching – so even if you and your kids use it each weekend and it won’t be damaged.

And your kids will be safe in this inflatable because the 2 sides are higher enough to ensure they stay inside and don’t slip into the yard. There are drains so the water is kept at a safe level for all the kids to play. Put some soapy water on the surface of the slide, it will be faster and more fun.

There are also some simpler slip and slide styles like this one.

In a word, choosing to buy an inflatable slip and slide can save you some money, keep your family happy and healthy, and provide endless summer fun for your kids.

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