Christmas Day is near coming, you must have started to prepare for Christmas, have you thought about which Christmas decorations to prepare? Here are some recommended Christmas inflatables for you.

Blow molding inflatables can make everyone feel the Christmas atmosphere, and you can also hang colorful lights on the inflatables for decoration, which is very beautiful! Light up your streets with this colorful inflatable Santa that stands 13 feet tall! Santa material is made of durable polyester for outdoor use, the interior is lighted by LED lights and requires an electric plug-in motor to power. Santa and reindeer are necessary, see Santa and this adorable reindeer!

Say hello to the holiday season with this beautiful yard decoration. It’s hard not to get in the Christmas spirit when a beaming gingerbread man greets you at the front door.
We can customize various styles of Christmas inflatables for you, and they can be delivered to you quickly. You may receive all goods before Christmas. If you need to order, please feel free to contact us now!

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