Kids love to play with inflatables, and so do adults. Then which inflatables are suitable for adult party play?

Here is a list of the 4 best inflatable toys for adult parties:

1. Inflatable games can add a lot of challenges and interactive fun. Our favorite inflatable game for adults is Ball. Such games usually feature two balls and an inflatable track.

2. Hot summer water slides are the best for the summer parties. If you’re an adult looking to cool down your party, try a larger water slide with two lanes and one big pool for many people to play with together.

3. You can also try to challenge the larger obstacle course, 2 persons can compete in this maze of obstacles full of twists and turns.

4. Children love to have fun in the bounce house, and adults also need to bounce to relieve stress. Disco dome is one of our most popular rental properties. Adults can use the disco bounce house with LED lights inside to enjoy the feeling of being in a club while playing their favorite music.

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