1. Make sure that there is no one in the bounce house, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove left objects on the surface. If the inside or surface of the inflatable is wet, please dry the inflatable with a rag first, if there is a lot of moisture, please place it in a sunny and ventilated place.

2. After the inflatable is dry, please turn off the blower.

3. Unzip the deflation zippers on all sides for faster deflation.

4. Allow the inflator to fully deflate.

5. Remove stakes or sandbags attached to the inflator. People can stand on the inflatable and step on it to expel excess air.

6. Fold inward the four sides of the inflatable hanging from the base, and fold the four walls of the inflatable in the middle.

7. If there is still air not removed, please step on it again.

8. Then fold it, fix the rolled up inflatable toy with cable ties, and let it “stand” up. Put on a bag and place it in a high ventilated place.

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