Mechanical bulls have now become a popular event at the parties. If you can master the bull riding skills, correct position and maintain balance, you have the potential to win prizes in bull riding competitions!

Sitting on the bull as close to the head as possible. Grasp the pole on the bull’s head with one hand, another hand helps upward toward the sky. This free hand actually helps you balance on the mechanical cow and should be coordinated to follow the rest of your upper body for a better ride. Grip the sides of the bull firmly with your inner thighs. Focus on mechanical bull’s head, the bull’s head will indicate a change of direction and keep your balance.

Don’t wear dress pants: wear non-slip clothing, such as jeans. Riders should press their legs tightly against the bull and hold one hand firmly on the pole while keeping their upper body relaxed. The rider’s lower body will support the ride, but the upper body will help balance the weight. If the upper body is tight, it will not swing properly and the rider will be thrown off.

You will also need to be able to observe the head of the bull and be prepared for the rapid changes in direction of the cow’s body. Please don’t keep your eyes on the people who are gathered to see you riding the bull, because if you do this, you can easily lose your balance and fall off the bull’s back very quickly.

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