When you buy an inflatable, you may also need to buy some accessories. Let’s take a look at the common accessories of inflatables! The accessories are mainly divided into the following categories according to their use:

1. The tools for transporting the heavy inflatables (dolly)

2. Setup&Teardown (stakes, ground mats, ropes.,etc)

3. Inflatable parts (air blower, ropes, deflator.,etc)

4. Sports accessories (game clothes, balls, boxing clothes, pumps.,etc)

5. Art Panels (all kinds of themes for the bounce houses)

6. Storage bag (for store and pack inflatables)

With these tools and accessories, you can prolong the life of that all bounce houses. Most of these accessories can be bought from inflatable manufacturers. Of course, sometimes you may also need to buy some repair tools for repairing the inflatable by yourself. You may also want to install a soft hose for your inflatable water slide. You can buy these tools on many online shopping websites, which are very convenient, and they can be delivered directly to your home. With these tools, you will be handy when using inflatables.

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