Due to the long shipping time and troublesome customs clearance, more and more customers would like to buy inflatables locally, because it is very fast and convenient to see the products! Do you want to buy the inflatables in Oakland, USA? There are only 3 inflatables left in our Oakland warehouse, and the price is very favorable, you can buy and pick up at any time!

In order to make it easier for you to check the price, we have made one picture, and there is the price next to the product picture.

We support online purchase payment and direct cash payment. The main payment method for online payment is PayPal. After the payment is completed, we will receive the payment information in the background, and then you can go directly to the warehouse to pick up the goods. Just make an appointment in advance to pick up the goods! Our address is here:

All products are equipped with the blower, and all products are made of commercial grade PVC, which is very strong and durable. And it is very suitable for home use or rental business!

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