This Double Splash Dry Or Wet Slide Exactly Dimensions:

Length: 25ft
Width: 20ft
Height: 17ft

The impressive double splash slide has two lanes slides for funny (It can be used as wet or dry slides). Guaranteed to add much great excitement and interesting to any event. It will bring great much delight to any event. Great for competitions or family challenges!

Our customer first time inflate this slide!!!

When children climb from the middle stairs together,and then choose left or right for a quick ride to safe stop at the bottom of the pool. The oversized top ensures the rider slides down correctly. The bright colorful blue theme fits any decorations and is sure to entice customers for a day filled with excitement and water skiing for the kids! It is sure will catch customer’s eyes for whole day with excited ride! Let’s get the children play on the water!

The customer said :“we’ve had this slide for almost ten years. For the amount of use we have much fun with it, it’s amazing. Kids love it, wet or dry.”

It may available as both of dry slide or water slide. This is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activities. It is good for use in indoor or outdoor events!

East Inflatables dry slides or water slides come in a variety of colors, shapes and themes for kids of all ages. Our slides are more safety and more durable. 

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