Many people will consider how long the service life of the bounce house. In fact, the initial quality of the bounce house is a very important part. Generally, the quality of inflatables made of PVC will be better, but although PVC has improved significantly over the years, UV degradation is still the main factor affecting the service life of inflatable products.

How long your bounce house will last depends largely on the following things:

1. How often will you use it?

2. How many people use the bounce house at the same time?

3. Your bounce house Storage way.

4. How often do you clean your bounce house, and how to clean it?

5. When and how to repair the damage of it?

6. Is the inflatable exposed to sunlight for a long time?

If you take good care of everything: keep it clean, repair damage as soon as possible, and store it properly. A well-cared-for bounce house can last for 4 to 6 years. As far as maintenance and upkeep are concerned, families can keep their bounce house use longer time.

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