Most sizes of bouncy castles are usually enough for one person to build, but as you build the inflatables, you will find that one person can probably easily inflate and deflate the bouncy castle: when inflating, you only need open the folded inflatables, connect with the blower, let blower link the power supply, and the inflatable can be blown up. When deflating, just turn off the blower, open all sides zippers, and you can deflate the inflatables.

But a person may find it difficult to pack and transport. If you want to make an inflatable pack size is very small and fold well, it may be difficult for one person to do it. At this time, it is necessary to consider that 2-3 people will be better. Larger inflatables are relatively heavy, and it is difficult to move them to the truck by one person. Then you may need small dollys and trucks. Small dollys can help you transport for short distances, and trucks can help you deliver to where you want to go. If you are do the business of rental business, these two cars are worth investing in.

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