In order to prolong the service life of the inflatable bounce house,how to clean and maintain the inflatables in daily life?

Before cleaning, first you may need prepare the following items: a small vacuum cleaner, a soft cloth, cleanser essence and sanitizer.

The stpes are as following:

1. Please make sure that all children have been evacuated.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the small debris on the inflatables, and clean every corner and hidden place.

3. To start cleaning, you may use a watering can to spray the detergent on the inflatables surface. And then wipe all the stains with a soft damp cloth. You may also use a hose to wash the detergent, but due to the excess moisture, the inflatable will take more time to dry.

4. After cleaning, wipe with a soft dry towel. And finally spray with disinfectant. All corners should be sprayed and disinfected carefully. At last let it dry in a ventilated and sun place.

5. When not use it for a longer time, please keep the product dry and folding it into a bag. Storage at a higher and cool place.

6. The inflatable should be protected from moisture, corrosion, and bites by rodents and insects.

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