The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and inflatable water slides are a great way to stay cool on a hot day! Both of children and adults may enjoy exciting water-filled adventures during outdoor summer parties or events.

Today I would like to introduce a stock adult water slide available in our Texas warehouse, its size is 9m(L)x4m(W)x5.5m(H)/30ft(L)x13ft(W)x18ft(H). The height is 18ft, it is quite exciting to slide down from it! And this slide color is also very bright!

This slide now is available in our Texas stock! No need to wait! The price of Texas warehouse is $3021. You can pick it up by yourself or we can arrange delivery to your home directly.

In our Texas warehouse, there are total of 4pcs water slides, 1pc has been sold, only 3pcs are left in the stock! Quantities are very limited, first come first served!

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