Cliff slide is an excited super fun inflatable slide! It is very popular in the USA.

With 36 feet long, the Cliff Hanger Slide is one of our largest and crazy inflatable slide! Our cliff hanger is as higher as 30ft,that’s the height of a three-story building. So you may imagine the expression of children and even adults when they watch such giant slide inflated!

Are you brave enough to slide down from our 36 feet cliff hanger inflatable slide? The slide has two sides and a lot of stairs in the middle. Children and adults climb to the top via the central stairs into the two separate slides at the top. The climb is quite difficult as the climb gets higher and higher,but it was exciting to slide down!  It’s a challenge for all, a party attraction that every person can’t resist. People want to go slide from it over and over, laughing all the time!

Of course, because of its huge size, it must be safe to use. Children 7 years old and older and adults are recommended to use it. And use of the slide whole process is always supervised by adults to ensure safety use. 

Our East Inflatables cliff slide factory price is $2550. Contact us to buy this great slide!

It is good for School Events, Party Rentals,Church Carnivals, Family Weekend festivals or just play in the backyard.,etc.

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