The overall appearance and style design of this coconut tree inflatable bounce with slide combination is very good! Its dimension is 26ft(L)x13ft(W)x13ft(H). Sure to bring life to your party and perfect for kids of all ages.

The combination slide and bounce house is roomy and will ensure more fun for everyone. Moreover, if you want to play with water in the hot summer, you can place a water pipe above the slide, and the water can flow to the slide. It was cool and fun for the kids to slide down the slide! It can be used wet or dry, as you choose!

This bounce house combo is perfect for all events, you may use it at a birthday party, church function or school activities., etc.

To sum up, it has the following advantages:

1. Equipped with wet/dry slides and a tropical bounce house.

2. Perfect for kids ages from 5 to 16.

3. Let the inflatable palm trees and theme colors make you feel like you are at the seaside.

Let’s see more clearly by this video:

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