Do you like the coconut tree bounce house with slide? Install it in your backyard and imagine it bringing a beach summer vacation to your home. At the afternoon the whole family can enjoy on it. The castle with a wide slideway of coconut trees has a very beautiful and elegant appearance. Realistic coconut trees make you feel like you are playing by the sea.

Summer vacations at the beach are a great way to enjoy the flavors of summer all over, but if you can’t, this green coconut tree castle with slide is a great alternative. The entire unit is green and features a faux coconut tree. The 4 coconut trees are lifelike. The bounce house has a large bouncing area, with a basketball hoop inside and a slide outside. Let’s bounce together!

This coconut combos now is available in our USA Texas warehouse, the price is only $2624. You may buy online or to our warehouse buy directly. Let’s see all details by the below video:

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