A mechanical bull is a machine that makes people feel like they are actually riding on a horse or a bull. The machine is controlled by a motor control cabinet whose speed and music can be adjusted according to the rider’s preference. Mechanical bulls are usually surrounded by padded inflatables that prevent injury when the rider falls off the bull.

How much does a mechanical bull usually cost?

Our factory has 2 kinds of mechanical bulls may choose from.

One is with round inflatable mat,this one size is 5m(L)x5m(W)x1m(H)/16ft(L)x16ft(W)x3.3ft(H). Our factory price is $4490. The price is including the inflatable mat and mechanical bull. The inflatable mats style and color may customized as your request.

Another style is square inflatable mat with the bull. The size is 19ft(L)x19ft(W)X19ft(H). Our factory price is $4990. The price is also including inflatable mats and the bull together.

There must be inflatable mat around the bull, which is fire and water resistant, and have sidewalls that are at least two feet high.

Mechanical bulls can be rented or purchased. You may want to consider renting a mechanical bull if you don’t plan to use it often.

In the United States, the cost of renting a mechanical bull is about $800 to $1,000. The typical rental time is about 4 hours.

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