Most of USA customers want to buy inflatables locally because it is convenient to buy and no need to wait longer shipping time. But the price of local inflatables in the United States is generally very expensive. In order to make it more convenient for customers in Texas to buy high-quality inflatables at competitive prices, Our East Inflatables established an inflatable warehouse in Texas. More details of our warehouse,pls refer to:

In the future,we will ship more and more inflatables to our Texas warehouse. You may pick up goods from our Texas warehouse if you are near to or we delivery to your home address directly. At present,we only left 2 combos in our Texas warehouse now. Other new inflatables are on the way to our warehouse. The following are the stock 2 combos pictures.

Of course, if you have favorite inflatables, you can order it in advance, we can ship it to the warehouse together. And you may go directly to our warehouse to pick up the goods to save time. In the future, we will transport more inflatables to the warehouse in batches to meet the needs of every customer! Pre-sale inflatables this time, we have bounce houses,combos and water slides may choose from.

If you like our warehouse inflatables, please contact us directly to buy it! Because the quantity is limited, first come first served! If you miss this shipment, you need to wait for nearly 2 months for next ships again!

We are sincerely to offer our best service for you. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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