If your bounce house has a hole or tear, you might consider patching it instead of throwing it away. The process of repairing small holes is also very simple. To repair a bounce house, you must cut a patch, then glue it to the surface of the hole and surface of the material cloth also, and finally apply it to the damaged area.

The inflatables need to be deflated before being sew. If the seam is damaged or torn along the seam, then you’ll want to consider re-stitching with a sewing cone. You need to follow specific steps to patch the bounce house right away.

Here are some simple steps for your reference.

Step 1: Clean the area to be patched with water.

This step is important because there will be dust and debris on the bounce house. Make sure the area you are patching is free of dust, grease, water and debris.

You can cut the patch into a circle or oval, and the patch is at least two inches larger than the hole.

Step 2: Glue and Flatten the Patch

Apply glue around the hole and also on the surface of the patch. Then use a book or anything heavy or flat to apply pressure to the patch to get the air out of the middle.

Step 3: Apply Vinyl Glue liberally to the leak

If you want to apply the patch to the inside of the bounce house. The bounce house has a zipper so you can get inside the bounce house. Gluing it inside is the best place. This is a patch for leaks.

Step 4: Check that edges are sealed

You need to check that the patch is completely stuck to the bounce house. If the patch comes off or sticks up, be sure to apply more glue and apply a little pressure until the patch is completely secured to the bounce chamber. Let the glue dry before using the bounce house.

By following the simple steps above, you can place a durable and secure patch for the bounce house.

If some of the damage is so severe that it cannot be repaired with glue or patches, in which case it may be a good decision to get a professional repair inflatable company to help repair it or to buy a new bounce house.

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