To a greater degree of protection of inflatables, prolong the service life. Please lay some old carpets or plastic sheeting or PVC material mats on the floor before inflate the inflatables. This may better insulate the sand or rough surface from the wear of the inflatable products.

Do not cut off the power when the inflatable product is inflated. The fan inlet shall not have any sundries, so as not to be involved in the damage of the fan. Check the use of the fan frequently. If the fan has abnormal noise,stop immediately to check the cause, and use it after troubleshooting.

When moving the inflatable product, do not pull the bottom of the inflatables hard. In order to avoid adding more unnecessary wear and tear, when moving the inflatable product, if the inflatable is too heavy, you can lift and move it with many people together. Or move the inner take out the sandbag and move the product.

When the inflatable product is placed outdoors for a long time, it should not be inflated for a longer time during the day and night. When temporarily putting away the inflatable product, open the zipper and let the inflatable product deflate on its own. Do not forcefully squeeze the inflatable product to achieve the purpose of rapid deflation. At the same time, ensure that the bulky inflatable product does not scratch on the road or other obstacles such as fences.

The inflatable is an inflated product, which is easy to tear and has relatively low stability. Therefore, in the case of strong wind and heavy rain, do not use it! The larger the inflatable shape, the greater the wind and external influence. Do not charge or discharge inflatable objects with a height of more than 10 meters and winds above level 5. When using inflatable products, please keep away from sharp objects. The stability of the bounce house is basically based on sandbags and stakes, and other sharp objections should not be used to replace it. For example: stone, iron frame.,etc.

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