Considering that some of inflatables are very heavy, it is more difficult to transport. You may consider to use the dolly or hand truck help move inflatables and air blowers.

If you do the party rental business, it is very important that you have large carts for inflatables. Bounce houses and water slides are getting bigger and bigger, and rental companies need the right tools to transport them to the desired setup area.

One big hand trucks for inflatables are used to move the bigger and heavy bounce house. In addition to the weight of the units, the path to the right area can often have rough terrain, soft ground, bumps, curbs, and other natural obstacles. It is better to use a hand trucks help you to transport. Whether it’s a backyard birthday party, a park setting, or even an indoor event, you’re always going to get stuck. At this time, you will need a trolley to help you, which will save you a lot of effort.

The above trolley we talked is manual, and some large inflatable companies also have automatic large forklifts, it is very conveniently to move bigger heavy inflatables.

Let us see our factory how to delivery inflatables?

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