People love the bounce houses for their kids but find it difficult to deflate properly. With the following steps given below, you will be able to deflate easily.

Step 1: Bounce House Cleaning

Properly clean the bounce house before deflating it. Before turning off the blower, you must properly inspect the bounce house outside and inside. Make sure there are no sharp objects, including needles, pencils, and other foreign objects that can pierce it. Also, if you want your bounce house to look clean and tidy, you can make the deep clean your inflatables before packing.

Step 2: Deflate the bounce house

After cleaning the bounce house, you need to turn off the blower and disconnect it safely. When you’re done, you’ll need to open the zipper to speed up the process. It takes a few seconds to fully deflate the bounce house. After that, take an area that contains some air and walk up on it gently. Remove all air from the unit.

Step 3: Fold and Roll Up

Once all the air has been expelled from the bounce house, you need to start folding it. You need to fold it like a bed sheet, with the sides folded towards to the middle. Keep the outer border folded inward and the bottom of the bounce house down. If there is still some air left in it, step on it again after folding. Now just roll up the folded unit, this method constantly pushes the air out, and finally you can also bag it in a dry place just to be on the safe side.

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