Whenever we see the children jumping up and down on the bounce house, they are very happy! We would love to have fun on the bounce house too, so can adults use bounce houses?

Because adults also want to throw a birthday party and also want to have some fun with some friends. It turns out that adults can use bounce houses too. Adults can use medium large bounce houses that have a lot of space and a heavy weight limit.

What are the issues that need to be paid attention to when using an adult bounce house?

1. Can adults and children use adult bounces at the same time?

Because adults and children have different heights and weights, it is safest for users to play with similar heights and similar weights, otherwise accidents or injuries are likely to occur. Of course if you want to play with your children, be careful not to jump too hard and always use common sense. If you are heavy, make sure the bounce house is really firmly attached to the ground. Make sure the ground is not too soft or sandy. The stakes should be 30 to 40 inches long and hammered as deeply into the ground as possible at a forty-five-degree angle.

2. What is the difference between an adult bounce house and a child’s bounce house?

The adult bouncy castle has taller side walls with a wall height of up to 1.8m from the top of the bed to the top of the wall, which provides the maximum height for the users of this bounce house. This is important for safety and to ensure that any insurance is effective. The adult bouncy castle also has a deeper bounce bed to ensure extra bounce and restrain the extra weight of the adult user. Adult bounce houses are larger and each unit has a maximum number of users at any one time. The bigger the bounce house, the greater number of users who can use the inflatable device at any time. Also, the smaller the user’s height, the more users there are at any one time. Users are grouped by height, and the maximum number of users at any one time is clearly marked on the front of the device.

3. Will adult bouncy castles be more expensiver than children?

Yes, adult bouncy castles are more expensive due to their larger size. Don’t buy cheap inflatables and would rather spend a little more for a good quality, functional bounce house that kids and adults can enjoy for years without any problems. Buying from our East Inflatables! We will offer you our best quality with our great service!

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