If this is your first inflatable water park project, you may be very concerned about how the water park is installed. Your supplier will tell you how to install the water park.

Let us share with you the installation process of the water park.

1) First, prepare the things to fix the water park, usually with concrete blocks or using metal anchors as heavy objects to fix the water park. If you don’t have metal anchors, concrete blocks will do. But if the concrete blocks are fixed, the water park will be easy to move.

2) Concrete blocks need to be transported by crane and boat to the place where the park needs to be installed and make a clear mark.

3) Check the weather and select a windless day. No wind is easier to install.

4) Move inflatable water park from your warehouse to the river or seaside. Put the floor mat on the ground and inflate all the inflatable water games according to the user manual and the layout sequence of the water park inflatables.

5) Move the fixed corners to the correct position and secure them to the concrete block with chains or ropes.

6) For small water park projects, connect 2-3 blocks together and move into place and fasten on a chain between concrete blocks.

7) Connect all the inflatable water park parts together. Everyone can start having fun and challenging!

The above is the overall process for installing/setting up an inflatable water park. Hope it can help you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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